Poisoning due to mixing methanol with regular alcohol causes thousands of deaths, braindamages and blindness worldwide every year

It affects people in all ages –children, adults and elderly–with the majority being young adults in employable ages

The mainbulk of poisonings are thought to pass unnoticed, thus no good data exists, but fatalities are high-and seem to be rising

Effective treatment exists for metabolic acidosis, bu tdiagnosis for poisoning by methanol is difficult, and analyzes are rarely available in a timely manner, especially in the poorer regions

Orphan Diagnostics founders have done state-of-the-art research, world-wide training sessions and on-site support during methanol poisoning outbreaks for 30 years



Sigbjørn Olsen

(+47) 92 93 94 95

15 Year’s experience from global IVD companies in Switzerland & Germany in developing and bringing products to world-wide market.

Knut Erik

Knut-Erik Hovda

(+47) 92 93 94 95

Clinician with signifi canton-the ground experience of metanol poisoning. Central in the Methanol Initiative associated networks.


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